How To Add Test Data For SharePoint Online Using Test Data App


Sometimes, there are situations when we need to add some test data to our SharePoint Online List and Library. This is a boring job to add the test data to a document library. Even for testers, it is a very tedious task.

In this article, we will learn how we can test so many meaningful test data for SharePoint Online. We can use one third party app for it.

Please check this URL for this third-party app from SharePoint Online.

As per the guidelines - using this app, we can add the following dummy data for various categories.

  • Document Libraries
  • Asset Libraries
  • Calendars
  • Discussions
  • Contacts
  • Links List
  • Tasks
  • Custom Lists
  • Wikis

Now, let’s check how to use this application.


Make sure of one thing – You must have Site Collection Administrator rights in order to install this app.

Step 1

Open the SharePoint Site Collection where we want to install this app.

Step 2

Click on "Add an app".


Step 3

Search for “Sample Data”. It will provide a link to go to SharePoint Office Store.


Search the same word “Sample Data” in Office Store. It will show all the available apps.



Step 4

Locate the right application and install it.


Step 5

Now, let’s add some test data to SharePoint Online List. Open any SharePoint Online List > Click on Items > Sample Data.


It will open a pop for adding an item to the list. We want to add 100 list items so we will write "100" in the Item count field.


Click on the "Add" button.

Items are added successfully to the list.


Step 6

It will add all the items in a created list. Now, let’s add documents for document library.

Go to Files > Sample Data.


Add number of documents that you want to add.


It will add all the sample the document library.

Step 7

Now, let’s add some dummy data for Calendar List.

Go to Ribbon > Events > Sample Data.


It will open a popup to add the data. Add all the Events to the list.


The data will look like this.


Step 8

Now, let’s add tasks to the Tasks List.

Go to Ribbon > Tasks > Add Tasks.


Add the number of tasks to be added.


The tasks have been added successfully.


Step 9

Now, let’s add data for the Contact List.

Go to Ribbon > Items > Add Sample Data.


Add the number of Contacts to be added.


Contact list has been added successfully.



This is how we can add test data in our SharePoint Online Site. Hope you loved this article!

Happy SharePointing!!!

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