How To Configure Data Gateway With SQL Server Database For Live Data Connectivity Using Personal Mode


In this article, we will discuss how we can configure Data Gateway for On-Premise SQL Server Database for Live Data Connection using Personal Mode.

Power BI provides a functionality to configure Data Gateway using,

  1. Personal Mode
  2. Recommended Mode.

We have already discussed the difference between Personal Mode and Recommended Mode in my Previous article.

In this article, we will configure the data gateway using Personal Mode. In my next article, we will discuss the Recommended Mode.

Before we start the installation of Data Gateway, visit my previous blogs for better understanding.

This article covers two parts.

  • Installation of Gateway for On-Premise Environment
  • Configuration of Gateway using Power BI Online

Installation of Gateway for On-Premise Environment

Step 1

Download the setup using the below URL.

Step 2

Right-click on the installer file > Run as Administrator.

Step 3

It is showing two options.

  1. Personal Mode
  2. Recommended Mode

Here, we will choose Personal Mode.

Choose Personal Mode and click Next.

Step 4

It will prompt a message like this.

Step 5

Choose a Path for installation.

Step 6

Enter Power BI work email address.

Step 7

Enter the password of your account.

Step 8

Once the authentication is successful, it will show a message “The Gateway is online and ready to use”. 

Our Gateway is configured successfully.

Now, let’s configure the Gateway with Power BI Online.

Configuration of Data Gateway with Power BI Online

Step 1

Open Power BI Online Account.

Step 2

From Dataset, select your Data Source and click "Schedule Refresh".

Step 3

From Gateway Connection, click on “Use your data Gateway (Personal Mode)”.

Step 4

Enter the data source credentials.

Step 5

Set up "Schedule Refresh".


This is how we can configure the Gateway for our On-Premise SQL Server Database using Personal Mode.

In my next article, we will configure our SQL Server Database using Recommended Mode.

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