How To Create A Site Collection in SharePoint Online

This article will demonstrate how to create a site collection on Office 365 or SharePoint Online using GUI. 

This article applies to SharePoint Online, Office 365 Admin, and Office 365 Small Business Admin.

A site collection is the group of websites under a common top-level site with the same owner on the site administrator. To create a site collection to delete a site collection in Office 365 is easy to do.

Be sure that the web application is where you want to create a website and define the template which you want to select when going to create the site collection.

Also, make sure you have administrative rights to do so.

  • Login to Office 365 portal page using your login id and password.

  • Select the Office 365 app launcher icon in the upper-left and choose Admin. Or you can go directly to SharePoint page as well, using the below URL.
  • It will redirect you to the admin page where multiple options related to admin tasks will be available.

  • Once the Admin wizard appears, select Admin Center option and select SharePoint.

  • After clicking SharePoint, it will open a new URL in a new tab of the browser. Here, select site collections to create a new site collection on SPO.


    Here, three options will be available to create a site collection on Office 365. As we suggest, you define which kind of site you are going to use.


Note: If you are using a trial version of Office 365 or dev version, you won’t be getting three option as above; there will be only one option to create only “private site collection”.

  • So, we are selecting now as a Private site collection. Once we are clicking this, it will take us to the site collection creation page on the fill properties section.

We need to fill the following details. 

The title, site name, language, and site template will be set by default. We have described template selection and use briefly.

In the below form, we need to update the below mandatory details.


  • Title: Name of Site which will display homepage
  • Web site Address: there will be two three defined boxes, over their tenant name and sites will be added by default, here all we need to do is that add the site URL name.
  • Template selection: under this we can select Language, template.
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone which belongs to
  • Administrator: Basically, this account will be the primary admin for the site.
  • Server Recourse quota: Resources which we can add for the server




  • Click OK to create site collections. The new site collection will appear in the URL list. The URL is the site collection location at which the administrator can start to create and manage sites.

  • It will take some time for provisioning and will up the site for access.

  • After provisioning, the sites will be up and ready to collaborate with the team. You can see the details by clicking on site Collection or can access the site as well.
I will keep you posted on how to create it using PowerShell.

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