How To Create A Sub Site In SharePoint Online


Before I explain about sub sites, I would like to share a few ideas about the hierarchy of SharePoint. There are four levels in SharePoint.SharePoint
You can create multiple numbers of sub sites under a Site collectionin SharePoint. The web application is the parent of the Farm in SharePoint .

Site Collection is the child of the web Application in SharePoint and the sub web is like a grandchild of the site collection in SharePoint.

What are Sub sites?

There is no difference between a Site collection and sub sites; only the hierarchy is different. You can create a multiple number of sub sites under a site collection in Sharepoint . You can inherit the permission from the parent site collection to child sub sites . Below, I have listed a few mandatory fields to create a site collection in SharePoint.
  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. URL
  4. TemplateType
  5. Permission

A company has multiple branches in different countries plus different states. So, we have to create an application in SharePoint . Let's suppose, My company name is : RajInfotech and it's located in the USA, CANADA, INDIA, DUBAI . So here, I have to create a Web Application for RajInoftech. Rajinfotech is the parent and we have to create all branches under Rajinfotech main website.

URL : http:// (Web Application Name)

We should create an umbrella branch under Rajinfotech Web application .

URL : http:// (USA :Site Collection)
URL : http:// (CANADA: Site Collection)
URL : http:// (INDIA: Site Collection)

In a country, If we have multiple braches then we have to create a Sub site under a site collection like

URL : http:// (Bangalore : Sub Sites)

Steps for creating Sub Sites in SharePoint


Login to your SharePoint Online site.



Go to your Site - > Click on settings and click on Site contents on the menu.



Click on New Subsite in bottom of the page .



Please enter the Title and Description of your new subsite, choose the URL for it and select a template for this subsite. You can choose the template type as per your requirement .



Select the Permission as per your requirement .



Now you can see your newly created subsite and you can do the same operation as you performed in your site collection.

Question No 1 - How to inherit permission from Parent site ( site collection) to child site (Subsite) ?


Go to your Subsite -> Site settings -> Site Permission


Question No 2 - How to set top link bar in subsite in SharePoint ?


Go to your Subsite -> Site settings -> Top link bar
Question No 3 - How to save site as a Template in SharePoint ?


Go to your Subsite -> Site settings -> Site save as TemplateSharePoint
Question No 4 - How to change Title,Description and logo in SharePoint ?


Go to your Subsite -> Site settings -> Title,description and LogoSharePoint
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