How To Create Android Apps With Firebase


This article demonstrates how to create an Android application with Firebase. And actually, for making simple apps like for chatting, the importance of Firebase is extensive. So, a developer must be aware of it. I will show you the process step by step.

Sign in to the Firebase

You can easily sign in to Firebase by using your Gmail address. After signing in, at the top right corner, you will see the “go to console” link, just click on that.

Figure 1

Creating a Project

Now, we are at console page. Creating a project in it is the primary step. Through this project, we can control our chat app's sign-in settings and others. But there are some steps for creating a project in it.

Figure 2

Just click the "New Project" button. Then, you will see a window asking for the project name, project id, and country.

*Give a name to the project and a project id will generate automatically. Then, fill in your country name. After that, click on "Create Project".


Then you can see a page with overview as head title and 3 icons which are telling you to add firebase to your android app, ios, web app. We want to use the firebase with android application. So just click at android app option.

Figure 4

Again  you can see a register window with android package name, nickname, debug sign in certificate SHA1.

Figure 5

We will get the package name by opening android project in android studio. And then go to , Copy the package name as show in the figure given below. And paste in the package name column.

Figure 6

And we can give any nick name to our app. So just fill that box with your app name. Next step is to find the debug sign in certificate SHA1.

For that again take the android project in android studio. You can find that step in Figure 7.

On opening gradle we can see some options associated with our project. And there you will find the android option and then sign in report as sub option. And the step is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 7

Figure 8

You can then find the SHA1 code as I shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9.

Just copy the address and paste it in the box.

Figure 10

Register the app by clicking the button. For adding fire base in your android app you should download google-services.json file. And move the  google-services.json file you downloaded in to your android app module root directory. And it is given in  Figure 11.

Figure 11

Now you will able to create android app with Firebase and you can manage the settings in the project that you created in firebase at any time needed.


In this article, I discussed about how we can make android app in android studio with Firebase.

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