How To Install And Start The Reporting Services SharePoint Service In SharePoint

In this article, we will learn about "How to Install and Start the Reporting Services SharePoint Service in SharePoint".

There are two ways to Install and Start the Reporting Services SharePoint Service in SharePoint, we can configure the same using GUI or using SharePoint PowerShell as well.

The trials in this topic guide you over a single server farm installation of a Reporting Services report server in SharePoint mode. This step includes configuration tasks that use SharePoint central administration.

Let us start with GUI mode to configure SQL Server Reporting services application step by step with screenshot,
  • Log in to the SharePoint Server and Open Central Administrator page with farm Admin Permission.

  • Now click on Manage Services Application under Application Management.

  • Once clicked on the same, we will be navigating to Application Page where many applications will be configured by default, here we can configure other application as per our requirement.

  • We can navigate to  this page directly from Central admin using Appended URL. _admin/ServiceApplications.aspx

  • Now Click on New option from Ribbon page, and select SQL Server Reporting Services Service Application as highlighted in below screen shot,

  • Wait for a moment after clicking on the same, as it will take some time to load the page to update the details. Once page has loaded you can see a form page where we need to update the following fields in terms to configure the SSRS service.

    • Service Name
      Enter the name of service, here we can choose our own.

    • Application Pool
      We can choose the existing Application pool to user service application or we can create a new one, in my case we are creating a new Application which will appear under IIS. Under App pool we need to select Security account for the application pool, I recommend using Farm account.

    • SSRS Database
      Here we need to select the Database server name and Enter the Database name, over here we can see the database authentic permission to select stored procedure or windows, select windows.

    • Web Application association
      Select the Web Application to be associated to and provisioned for access by this SQL server reporting service Application.

  • Once all above fields are updated, click on ok and wait for completion of the process to create SSRS service.

  • Once above process gets completed we will get Successful message on the same page,

  • Click on Ok, we will navigate to Manage Service Application page under CA.

  • We can verify this service by checking services under CA page: go to CA>System setting>Manage services on the server and check SSRS service is up and running.

I'll keep you updated with next upcoming article for installing SSRS Using PowerShell. Thanks.

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