How To Manage And Customize The Navigation In SharePoint Online

Customize the Navigation

Today, I am writing about how to manage navigation on SharePoint Online or any of the Office 365 Businesses.

The most important part of any online site or page is the navigation of site links. The word "Navigation" is meant only to show shortcuts and the easiest way to access any list, page, site, etc. With the help of site navigation, we can customize our site page to be used smoothly or easily (avoid steps to access any list page or collections).

We can add, remove, or edit the links on the SharePoint page for top link or quick launch bar which will show on the left side of the screen.

Today, I will cover the following topics.

  • Quick Launch bar
  • Top Navigation setting
  • Create link by drag and drop
  • Navigation Setting page from Site Settings
  • Adding and deleting Navigation
  • View the types of Navigation

So, we are starting from "Quick Launch bar" from the left side of the SharePoint pages or sites. Below are the steps to configure the same.

  • Open any site or page and look at the left side of the screen. We will have some links which will navigate to or launch the respective site/ page.
  • When click on the edit option, we get the screen like the below screenshots. We will add new links in the navigation pane.

  • Now, we will add a link by entering the URL. To add a link of another site, type in the URL.
  • Click "EDIT LINKS" on the Quick Launch or Top link bar, depending on where you want to add a link.

  • Click on "+ link" and type a display name for the link, a target location while making sure that you include the http://  at the start of the link. For example,
  • Click OK to add the new link to the Quick Launch or Top link bar.

Rename a link or remove a link

  • Click "EDIT LINKS" on the Quick Launch or Top link bar, depending on where we want to edit a link.
  • Rename - Click directly on the link that you want to rename and start typing the new name. Click outside the name, and then click save. Renaming a link doesn't affect the page that the link references.

  • Remove - Click the X corresponding to the link to remove it from the navigation panel, then click Save.

Navigation Element

Now, we will discuss about navigation elements. Navigation elements define how you want to show your site navigation page. Here, we get two options, shown below.

  • To check out Navigation site page, click on Site Setting page from Settings gear and select Navigation elements from Look and Feel categories, refer to the below screenshot.

  • Here, we will get two options - Enable Quick Launch & Enable Tree View.
  • Enable Quick Launch will specify whether the Quick Launch should be displayed to aid navigation. The Quick Launch displays site content in a logical manner.
  • Enable Tree View will specify whether a tree view should be displayed to aid navigation. The tree view displays site content in a physical manner.

  • We can check the checkboxes according to our preferences.

  • Now, we can change the order of Quick Launch as well, see below.

  • We can add a new navigation link from the Site Settings option as well. Select Site Settings page >> select Quick Launch and we will get the below option to do so.

  • Top Link bar
    Top link bar will represent the pages, same as Quick Launch bar. We can use Top Navigation bar to navigate the site pages as per the customer or our requirement.

How to add any new navigation link

  • Go to Site Settings and select Top Link Bar from the Look and Feel option.
  • Now, on Top Link page, click on new Navigation Link, type web address, and type description. Then, click on OK.

  • Here, we can change the Order from here only. See the below screenshots and steps.
  • Go to Top Link Bar and select Change Order option.

Now, let's go ahead. We can see there are two other options available on the Look and Feel option from the Office 365 or SharePoint page -Title description and Logo and Change look. I have written in brief about the same. Kindly refer to the below links to see.


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