How To Remove And Create User Profile Service Application In SharePoint

The purpose of this article to is to delete an existing UPA service from the SP server and create the same from scratch. As we know, there are two ways to configure or delete UPA server, Using UI and SharePoint PowerShell. We are going to delete and create UPA using UI.

How to Remove exiting UPA server Application from SharePoint server

  • Log in to the server with farm account

  • Open CA page and navigate to Application management and select Manage Service Application


  • Once clicked on above-highlighted option, will take us to Service Application page.

  • Here select UPA server Application and click on Delete option available under Service Application Browser.

  • Once we've selected Delete option, it will prompt us to ask for confirmation. We need to select delete associated Db , also remove it completely from the farm and click on ok, and then hang on for some time to get the service application has been deleted messages.

  • Now we can see there is no UPA Service application running on the farm, we can check from Manage services application also that UPA sync service has been stopped.

  • A more important part of UPA service is that it depends on Forefront Identity Manager Service and Synchronization service under Services.msc. You can verify that those services will be in disabled startup type once this service has been removed or UPA service application is not configured in the farm.
  • So now we are done with removing UPA service application from the farm, now we are going ahead and creating new UPA service from scratch.

Before we begin with SharePoint UPA configuration, we need to review the following information about prerequisites,

  • We should have Farm level permission for activity account and the Service account we are configuring for Sync service should have sync permission assigned on AD level.

  • Managed Metadata Service should exist.

  • If you are going to configure my site, we should have App pool created and Configure that site under SharePoint central admin web app.

  • Create and Configure User Profile Service Application in SharePoint

  • I'm going to show you how to configure UPA step by step with screenshot, these steps apply for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016

  • Open CA page, select Manage Service Application from Application management and click on the New option from service application tool bar.

  • Select User Profile service application and enter the below details,

    • Name
      Service Name which you would like to give.

    • Application Pool
      You can use existing or can create new app pool (Preferred to create new app pool)

    • Profile DB
      Name of DB server and DB Name

    • Sync DB
      By default, name will be selected as standard, you can change it also

    • Social Tagging DB
      This database will be used to store social tags and notes created by users. Use of the default database server and database name is recommended for most cases.

    • Profile Synchronization Instance
      Select the machine in this farm on which you would like to run Profile Synchronization process.

    • Go through from beginning to end, here you can see the details of required field and click on create option, it will take some time to create, be patient for the time being until application is created.

  • Now UPA service application is created, click on ok and select created UPA service from Manage service application page.

I'll keep you posted in the next article about how to configure UPA service.

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