Install Azure CLI 2.0

Let’s discuss  Azure CLI 

Azure CLI is a command line, we can use it to manage Azure resources. Azure CLI is platform independent and it can be used in Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Azure CLI is for building the automated scripts, which work against Azure Resource Manager. To install Azure CLI, we need to download and install Python.


Install Azure CLI in Windows

Step 1

Open the command prompt and type the command given below to check whether Python is installed or not.  


Step 2

If Python is not installed, then we can download & install Python from the link given above & install Python as Run as an administrator, so that some of the packages won’t get discarded. If already installed, skip to Step 4).

Step 3

Make sure that you have selected the add path option before installing Python.


Step 4

Now, we need to install Python Package Managers and CLI components.

Step 5

Open CMD and type the command given below (Make sure CMD is running as an Administrator).


Step 6

We can see that the packages are being downloaded and installed (I have already installed the packages, so I got the message Packages have been already installed & the requirements are already satisfied).


Step 7

After the packages are downloaded, we need to set the environmental path for Python scripts & for CLI.

Step 8

Click Start ->environmental variables->system properties ->Environmental variables.

Step 9

Click Edit button in the user variables dialog box and the path given below.


Step 10

Click New and paste the path of the python scripts given below.


Step 11

To check and run the packages which are installed, open CMD and type the command given below and we see the packages have downloaded in addition to installing with displaying some useful commands.

I hope, you have learned something. Thank you.