Install MySQL On Windows

Here are the steps to install MySQL Server on Windows Operating System.

  1. Download MySQL
  2. Install MySQL
  3. Set Path
  4. Basic commands.

Step 1: Download MySQL

Download MySQL Installer,

                                          Figure 1: MySQL Installer download page

On clicking the download button the following window will open.

                                               Figure 2: Start Download

Click No thanks, just start my download. Downloading process will start.

                              Figure 4: Downloader window

Click Save File button. Now your file is downloaded.

Step 2: Install MySQL

After downloading your Installer file the following window will open.

                           Figure 5: Installation window

In the above window click Run button to start the Installation.

                       Figure 6: Downloads the files.

The Upgradation window will open

                                                         Figure 7: Installing begin

Click Next button to proceed the Installation. If you already installed any MySQL, then  click which product you want to upgrade or otherwise download your MySQL version 5.6.17.

Click the above link and download the MySQL version. After download completes, click to open the file. The following window will open.

                                         Figure 8: Setup Window

In this above window click Next to proceed the installation.

In next window click I accept the license and terms check box and then click next to proceed.

                                      Figure 9: Setup Type window

Choose the type which one you want to Install. I will go with complete installation here.

Then click Install button.

                              Figure 10: Installation Processed

                                       Figure 11: Setup Complete

After installation completed click Finish button to complete the installation.

Step 3: Set MySQL Path:

After installation set the path for MySQL Directory.

Right Click - My Computer, Properties, then Advanced System Setting

Then the following window will open

System Properties
                           Figure 8: System Properties

In the above window choose Environment Variables.

The following window will open.

Environment Variable window
               Figure 9: Environment Variable window

Double Click Path under System variables label

                           Figure 10: Edit Path

The path is C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\;

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