Introducing Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share allows developer teams to collaborate and share code, review code, fix bugs, and communicate.

Real-time sharing of tools you love.

To collaborate, you need to convey repro-steps, issues, and ideas. Code snippets or error messages are often not enough to convey the context. When you start a live share session in Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code, your teammates get instant and secure access to your code in their own tool – no need to clone, copy, or configure anything.

Share the full context of your code.

When a teammate joins your session of Visual Studio Live Share, they get the full multi-file context of your code. They can use navigation powered by semantic-analysis like "Go to Definition" or "Code Peek." As they type, they also see editor enhancements like IntelliSense, statement completion, and suggestions.

Collaboratively edit. Navigate independently.

Each team member in a live share session can separately open files, navigate, edit, and refactor code. Your changes are instantly reflected in your teammate’s editor. You can quickly jump to a teammate’s location and see their cursor as they make edits or pin to follow their actions. Want to focus their attention? Highlight a piece of code and it will highlight on their screen as well.

Collaboratively debug. Inspect on your own.

With Visual Studio Live Share, you and your teammate use the same debugging session. You can collaboratively step through code or set breakpoints which are reflected in your teammate’s editor in real-time. Each of you can independently inspect objects, use features like tips on hover, locals, and watches, or make changes to an object’s value. When you are ready to make a fix, simply edit the code and your teammates will see your edits in their editor.

Watch this video to learn how to use this feature in Visual Studio 2017.