Introduction To Face API In Azure


In this article, we will see how to create Face API in Azure.

  • Concept
  • Implementation – Creating a new Face API in Azure.
  • Implementation – Access the Face API.



  • Face API helps you to add facial recognition capabilities to your application. State-of-right algorithms detect your human faces in images, including face landmarks like the nose, gender, hair color etc.
  • Face API also checks if people in the image are the same by using a confidence score, or comparing it against a database to see if it looks similar.
  • Facial recognition can be a key feature of your app with the Face API.

Implementation – Creating a new Microsoft Bot Service in Azure.

  • Sign in to the Azure Management portal.
  • Open Azure portal and click on “+”.
  • Click on AI + Cognitive Services and then select an option for “Face API “.
  • Click on "Create" on the next screen.

  • Fill all the details like App Name, Subscription, Resource Group, Location etc.
  • Use the existing resource or create a new resource as per your requirement.
  • Give appropriate name and select pricing tier according to your requirement and replication.

  • Once you fill all the required details, then click on "Create".
  • Once your Face API deploys successfully, open your Face API service.


Implementation – Access the Face API.

  • Open Face API which you just created.
  • Click on Quick Start option which is present on the left side of the panel.

  • Click on “Grab your keys “and then copy and paste “Key-1” into the Notepad file from here.

  • Now, the next step is to click on “Make an API Call” and click on Face API reference.


  • Copy the “Southeast Asia“ from there. We have just created the API in that region only and copy and paste in the Fiddler.

  • Put the “Content Type “ and “Ocp -Apim-Subscription-Key’s” value into the headers.
  • Click on send and see the details.


This is how you can use Face API in Azure.

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