KillerBeam - A Game in C#

KillerBeam is a .Net implementation of the game called Laser Chess (I think this name is registered, hence the name KillerBeam) which appeared in Compute! Magazine in the early eighties.  It is a "chess like" game involving mirrors and beams.  A help file is included with instructions on how to play.  Still a bit rough around the edges, but works. Forgive me as this is my first attempt at C# programming, and I want to contribute back to the C# community. Used the excellent chess program CheckMate from this site by Kaushal Golwala as a framework. Feedback / suggestions would be appreciated. 


As a new comer to both OO and C# some of the difficulties I experienced was getting my head around the concept of working with an instance as opposed to a class.  Once the concept sunk it it all seemed rather obvious after that.  The way the mouse double click works is not as intuitive as in VB, and I must admit I still get confused between private and protected.  However I managed to at least get the program working. 


For other new comers to C# there is an example of using double clicks as well as random number generation.  My next project is to allow users in the network play.  Enjoy.