Microsoft Build 2017 - Day 3 Highlights

This year, Microsoft nailed its annual three-day Build developers'  conference, which ended yesterday. The last day was concentrated on developers, and featured several demos as well as discussions with experts. Here are the key highlights of what Microsoft announced and discussed on tday three of the the Build 2017 conference. In case you missed the highlights of the previous two days, refer to highlights of Day 1 and Day 2.

Future of Visual Studio

As Visual Studio 2017 was released only a couple of months ago, the VS Team has been busy all this time. In this session, Amanda Silver took us on a rollercoaster ride through a number of features currently being worked on by the VS Team. She presented the investments they are making to increase development productivity, how they are bringing testing and code analysis even more deeply into the development “inner loop”, and highlighted new areas that they're working on to extend Visual Studio to new platforms and application categories. The demo-heavy session, was dedicated to our daily “8-hour product” we the developers work on.

Future of C#

With C# 7.0 and Visual Studio 2017 just recently released, the team is looking at the  big picture: The demo and presentation layout where the C# language and tooling experience is headed, and they presented some early glimpses into what is being developed further.

Super Charged Debugging in Visual Studio

We, the developers have to deal with bugs in the code, but do we really know how to use debugging tools available to us? This demo-driven .NET based session presented how to Super Charge Debugging to find and fix glitches faster. The demo toured most of the debugger,s highlighting the best tips and tricks, probably the most interesting demo for the day.

Other Key Points

Here is a list of other discussions, demo and talk sessions of the last day. All are available as online recording to view and download:

  1. Build Day 3 Keynote: The Business of Code
  2. Visual Studio Mobile Center
  3. TypeScript with Anders Hejlsberg
  4. Visual Studio for Mac and Xamarin Live Player
  5. Microsoft Graph
  6. Microsoft Fluent Design System
  7. SQL Unplugged
  8. Space: Using 3D game technology in progressive web apps with BabylonJS
  9. Sketchable and Surface Dial Integration
  10. Microsoft Security Risk Detection – Artificial Intelligence Powered Risk Detection
  11. Diversity and Accessibility as Technical Differentiators
  12. Security testing in the cloud, at scale using Microsoft Security Risk Detection
  13. Workspace utilization with Azure IoT
  14. Guide Dogs: Improving speech recognition on iOS to help the blind navigate
  15. Lessons learned developing for mixed reality
  16. Using Microsoft Graph to connect to Office 365 data
  17. Simplified app development with plug-ins for Xamarin and Windows
  18. Securely sign-in your customers with Azure Active Directory B2C
  19. Never break the build with live unit testing
  20. Virtual and mixed reality apps with C#
  21. Getting started with Aurelia and ASP.NET Core
  22. Angular and TypeScript
  23. A day in the life of an Azure serverless developer
  24. What’s new with the Microsoft Bot Framework
  25. Entity Framework Core 2.0: data, mobile, server, IoT, and more
  26. Deep learning with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  27. XAML custom controls for UWP: Start to finish
  28. Big data workloads with Azure Blob Storage
  29. Introducing Adaptive Cards

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