New Term Store Management In SharePoint Online


This article helps you to find out how to create New Term Store Management in SharePoint2013 Online. SharePoint 2013 Term Store is a Farm level repository of hierarchical term sets and terms used by SharePoint for both metadata and navigation.

In this article, we will help you to create new Term Group.NewTermSet and New term within Term Store Management.

To create and manage terms in the Term Store management tool, you must be a Contributor, a Group Manager or a Term Store administrator.

Click Admin icon on Office 365 page.

To create a new term set group, you must be a Term Store administrator. When you create a new group, it is a global group. 

Now, you will be redirected to the page here.

Now, select the right hand side of Taxonomy_tkZR link to create new group, but initially the admin doesn’t have permission to create a term store. Thus, add a user name into the section given below.

Term Store administrators

You can enter the user names, group names, or E-mail addresses. Separate them with semicolons. These users will be permitted to create new term set groups and assign the users to the group manager role.

We can import the terms store file in CSV format in the screen given below.

SharePoint metadata manager can import a term set from a UTF-8 CSV format file. Use the sample file as a template to create import files. Now, import the file into the desired group to create a new term set.

Create Term Group

Click New group label and give a name as you want

Type a name for this group as you want it to appear in the hierarchy and descriptive text to help the users better organize and use term sets in this group.

Group Managers

Enter the user names, group names, or email addresses in order to grant group manager permissions. Separate multiple users with semicolons. These users will have contributor permissions and will also be able to add the users to the contributor role.


Enter the user names, group names, or email addresses. Separate them with semicolons. These users will have full permissions to edit terms and term set hierarchies within this group.

Create New Term Set

A term set is a group of the related terms.

  • Local term sets are created within the context of a site collection and are available for use (and visible) only to the users of the site collection.

  • Global term sets are available for use across all the sites that subscribe to a specific Managed Metadata Service Application.

Click new term set and type a new name for this term set, as you want it to appear in the hierarchy.

Intended use

Term Set usage 

Term Sets can have many different use cases. You can hide or display the tabs that the users will see when they edit this term set. This term set is available to be used by the end users and content editors of the sites consuming this term set.

Create a Term

Click Create Term and name it, as shown below.


This article will help you to understand about Term Store Management in SharePoint Online.