How To Lock Objects In Power BI


Sometimes, there is a situation where when we open a report and click on any visual it accidentally nudges a chart a little bit to the right or left. Sometimes, by mistake when viewing a report, the arrangement of visuals scatters a little bit.

Microsoft rolls out one new amazing feature to resolve this issue, that is, Lock Objects in Power BI.

Advantages of using this feature

  • When our purpose is to only view a report, this feature is a boon for us. Visualization’s position is not changed.
  • Saves a lot of the developer's time to resolve the position related issues.


NoteThis feature is not saved with the report. So, every time you open a report, you need to enable this feature.

Now, let’s understand this feature in a brief manner. To understand this, I will first show you one report in which I have not enabled “Lock Objects” feature.

Step 1

The below screenshot shows my report which doesn’t have the enabled Lock Objects feature.


Step 2

Go to View > Click on 'Lock Objects".


Step 3

Now, observe the following visual. After enabling this feature, it turns off the resize and move functionality.


Step 4

The same option is also available for Power BI Online. Publish Power BI report to the Power BI Online.


Step 5

Go to View > Lock Objects.



This is how we can use this amazing feature rolled out by Microsoft, i.e., Lock Objects.

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