Publishing Applications On Windows Store


This article is the continuation of my previous article, Creating App Packages in Visual Studio, in which I have explained the method of creating the packages for the application which can be developed to the Windows Store. 

Here, you are going to sign into your Store account and submit your package. Let us see the whole process in detail. Before that, make sure you sign into your Windows Dev Center. Also, remember that you can publish applications on the store only if you have a subscription. If you don’t have one, then you cannot publish your application on the Store. The following is the link for the Windows Dev Center.

Creating Submission in Store

Once you sign into the Store, in the homepage, you can find details of all the applications which you have already submitted on the store. If this is your first time, then you won’t find them. Now, click on the "Create a new app" button on the homepage. This will direct you to new app creation page. There, you need to give a title for your application. Make sure that the title you give in there matches your application name. The name which you give must also be unique. If you give a unique name, you will be notified with a green tick. Once you finish the process, you will find "Start your submission" button. Click on the button to begin submission process of the application package. The screenshot gives an idea about all these.

Now, you will find a few options which you have to fill. Let us see each of them.

Pricing and Availability

Click on the "Pricing and Availability". In the price tier, you can find details about the pricing of your application. Just select the price for your application based on your interest. You can also choose a specific date for releasing your application on the Store or you can release your application as soon as it is certified by the Store. Now, click on the "Save" button.




Now, click on the properties option. You will be directed to the properties page. There, you can choose your application's category and other specifications and internal permissions of your application. In this, you can also change your application permission to choose the required accessing permission and so on. You can also write small descriptions about the graphics, processors, and specifications for your application. Now, click the "Save" button.


Age Ratings

The age rating is something which will help the Store to make your application reach the people for the related age groups. You can choose your required age group for your application based on the application's functionality and content. There, you also need to select the application type. Once all of these are done, click on the "Save" option.



In the packages place, you have to upload your application packages which you have created using Visual Studio. Browse your package and upload it in this page. Now choose the supporting devices of the Windows. Once you finish all, simply click on the save button. That’s it. You have submitted your application.



This is how the packages are submitted on the Windows Store for approval. Once your application is approved by the Windows Store team, it will go live on the Windows Store. You will be notified through an email. The approval for your application will take a minimum of two days. Sometimes, this might even take a long time. I hope, you like the article. Feel free to comment with some suggestions. Thank you. 

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