Everything is here or perhaps it's not?! ...

the magic is that Quantum computing comes to Microsoft!

At this year's Ignite conference, Microsoft made major announcements about their commitment to "Quantum Computing", and that this and Artificial Intelligence were the emerging technologies of the future. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella described Quantum Computing as being the magic that is able to solve a maze in a cornfield, instantly, knowing all of the routes through the maze at the same time. So where standard computing systems we have now, need to figure out ways through the maze one route at a time....

Quantum computers, on the other hand, have the ability to see all options simultaneously in one picture...

There are, of course, like all new technologies, significant barriers yet to overcome but researchers in Microsoft and other organisations are working hard to solve these issues and bring us closer to a quantum computer on everyone's desk :)

Here is a short video that explains the general concepts (its really good, watch it!...)

For more in-depth coverage, take some time to watch Microsoft's CEO talk Quantum Computing and the direction Microsoft are taking in the area:

All this talk of science fiction style quantum computing can get your head in a spin, and I was quite enthused to see that Microsoft will be releasing free tools by the end of the year that will enable us mere mortal (and humble!) developers to start experimenting with the concepts and programming models of quantum computing. The tools will be offered as a local simulator that will run on a laptop or desktop. As well as these simulators, addition to the simulators, the tools will include a programming language and debugger for quantum computing, together with the usual high level of integration we are used to in Visual Studio.

Get excited - I am ! :)

Quantum Computing Swallows The Cornfield!
Sep 28 2017

Allen James

Microsoft have announced major strides in the area of Quantum Computing - learn more about it here.