Register Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework

Once you are done creating BOT then you need to publish that on Microsoft Azure and after that you need to register your Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework.
Why Register - The reason to register your Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework so that connector can call your Bot’s web service and it generated AppId and AppSecret to authenticate the conversion and allow developer to configure Bot with the channels they like to be visible on.
Read these articles before proceeding further to getting started Bot Framework, how to create a Bot and deploy your Bot to Azure.
Follow these steps to register:
Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account.
Click on Register a bot link at the top header.
Fill all the details like Name, Description etc. and click Register.
As you can see Bot ID and App Secret. These are used to authenticate your Bot with the Microsoft Bot Framework.
You can test your connection here by typing message click Send.
Now click on Publish button to publish your Bot and write review.
Now that the Bot is registered, you need to update the keys in the web.config file in your Visual Studio project. Change the following keys in the web.config file to match the ones generated when you saved your registration, and you’re ready to build. You need only the primary AppSecret, the secondary is used when you wish to regenerate your primary key without downtime. Clicking the “show” link will show the value, along with exposing the regenerate link if you ever need to change your AppSecret. Update your web.config, and re-publish your bot to Azure.
Configure Skype Channel
Now your Bot is created and running, you can configure with channels like skype, email, direct line, Facebook messenger.
Select channel and click Add.
Once you’ve gone through the steps here, return to the channel page on the dev portal, click the checkbox for the channel you chose (if you haven’t already), and hit “save changes”.
In this article we have learned how to register Bot with Microsoft Bot Framework. If you have any question or comments, send me a comment in C# Corner comments section.