SharePoint 2013 - Export and Import BDC Model to Create External List


In this Article we will learn how to Export and Import BDC Model to Create an External List.

Here we go, Step by Step.

Step 1 - Verify the Target Application.

  1. Make sure that the Secure Store Target Application is created in the Environment you want to deploy the External List and if the Secure Store Target Application has not been created follow my previous article here to create the same.

  2. Now to check if the Target Applications present.

    Go to Central admin > Application Management > Manage service applications > Secure store service.

Step 2 - Export the BDCM file of External Content Type.

  1. Open your site in SharePoint Designer>Click on External Content Type in the left navigation > Select the External content Type and click Export BDCModel in the ribbon.

  2. Once you click on Export BDC Model a window opens, give the BDC Model Nameand click OK

  3. Save the file on any desired location and the created file will look like this.

Step 3 - Configure BDC Model and Import .bdcm file.

  1. Navigate to Central admin > Application Management >Manage service application > Business Data Connectivity services > on the ribbon, select Import >.

  2. Click browse and select the BDC model you saved >Click Import.

    On importing, below message will be displayed.

    BDC Model was successfully imported.

  3. Under the View tab select BDC Models and you will see your imported BDC Model and check for Permissions of your imported BDC Model.

Step 4 - Adding External Lists to Your Site.

  1. Navigate to Site Contents > Add an app > External List > give the Desired name to your External List >Click on the external content type picker as shown below.

  2. This will open a new window that you will select the External Source,

  3. External Content type picker pop-up is opened as shown below, select the Expected External Data Source with External Content Type and click OK. Verify the above details are correct and click Create.

    Check your External List in the browser.. PEACE.


Here in this article we explored how to export a BDC Model using SPD, and import the same BDC Model using Central Admin, which can be used to create the External List in your browser.

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