SharePoint 2016 Central Admin - Security - Configure Password Change Settings

When you click on the Configure Password Change settings Link, you will land on the Password Management Settings page. This page will allow you to configure password management settings Farm wide.

Configure Password Change settings page’s direct link - /_admin/PasswordSettings.aspx

It is important that when a password is due to change or going to expire, then an administrator should be informed. We can schedule the notifications during the configuration of the new managed account but the issue is that we don’t know who will get the notifications or sometimes we want to set the user to get the notifications. This page lets the farm administrator to manage the settings of the password change. Following information/ settings, you can configure

Notification E-Mail address

This page allows you to enter the email address of the individual or you can enter the group/ bulk address for which you want to be notified about the password updates.

Account monitoring process settings

This page also allows you to set the notification period, how early you want to be notified when a password is about to expire. It should be a numeric value, by default value is 10 days. SharePoint will send an email notification to the person or the group and inform them that an account’s password is going to expire in 10 days.

Another important thing is that if you decide not to select the automatic password change for a managed account, then still SharePoint can send the notification about the password expiry.

Automatic password change settings

You can set the wait time for a Service before password change system actually changes the managed account password. When you set a wait time, then the password change system notifies the Service that I am going to change the password for the managed account in 45 seconds, so shut yourself gracefully. After wait period, password change system will generate a new password and update all the related Services.

You can also set the retry option. There are many reasons when the system fails to change the password or synchronize it with the Services. In this case, you want to retry and you can set this value. Password change system will retry up to the value specified and then finally called it fail.

Password Management Settings

Please follow the steps given below to configure the password management settings.

  • Login to Central admin with THE account member of Farm administrator group and also local admin on the Server.
  • Please enter the information given below. 

    1. Notification E-Mail Address
      Enter the email address of the individual or the group i.e [email protected]

    2. Account Monitoring Process Settings
      Enter the number of the days’ admin notified before the password expiry i.e. 10 days.

    3. Automatic password change Settings
      Enter the Wait time before timer job changes the password. i.e. 45 seconds (3). Also, enter the number of retry timer job made before call it fails i.e. 5 times (4)

    4. Click OK(5).

This will complete the configuration of the password for monitoring the systems and the password change timer jobs settings.