SharePoint 2016 - February 2017 CU Issue Fixed

What’s Included

This CU includes all the previous CUs since SharePoint 2016 RTM. This CU also includes the Feature Pack 1.

Following features are part of Feature Pack 1.

  • Administrative Actions Logging
  • MinRole enhancements
  • SharePoint Custom Tiles
  • Hybrid Auditing (preview)
  • Hybrid Taxonomy (preview)
  • OneDrive API for SharePoint on-premises
  • OneDrive for Business modern experience (available to Software Assurance customers)

Improvements and fixes

This CU brings a lot of SharePoint & Project Server fixes. Here is the list of fixes published by MSFT.

Project Server 2016

  1. Timephased data on material resources may be incorrect if updates come from PWA. For example, you have a material contour that resembles the following,


    In PWA, the team member reports the following


    When the update is displayed in Project Professional, the material contour resembles the following,


    Instead, the contour should be like,

  1. After you edit a project in PWA, formulas that rely on the Now() function and the [Current Date] property aren't calculated.

SharePoint Server 2016


  1. This update deletes the Napa install option from SharePoint Server 2016.
  2. This update changes how IIS application pools are stopped and restarted during SharePoint patching to provide better patching performance.


  1. You don‘t receive the Check Out & Open prompt when you open documents in SharePoint Server 2016 in Adobe Acrobat DC.
  2. When you set up an External Identity Manager, the group membership isn't synchronized as usual. This update now includes a new timer job "Updates Profile Memberships and Relationships Job" that runs by default every five minutes to update the changes after an import.
  3. After you join a new server to a farm, the new farm can't detect the side-by-side farm settings and it won't copy the side-by-side files. This issue causes incorrect rendering of some web pages.

Language-Dependent Fix

  1. None for this CU


As we know, this Month MSFT Release 2 CUs (one Include the LPs related fix and Other Non LP related fixes).


  • To apply this update, you must have Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 installed.

Restart information

  • If during the Installation of the Updates Certain Component of the SharePoint is running then it will ask you to restart the server. So it depends upon your server.

Schema Change

  • This update will update the database schema so that the mean schema patch version will change. You will see the same Patch number and Build Number.

Patch Number

  • 16.0.4498.1002

Known Issue with CU

This CU also fixes the longer time issue with Installation of packages.


See Also

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