SharePoint 2016 - Forms Based Authentication - Part Three

In the previous article SharePoint 2016: Forms Based Authentication – Part 2 of this series on implementing FBA with SharePoint, we saw the execution of steps 3 & 4 for the process.

In this article, we are going to see the execution of step 5 and for the sake of quick review, I am putting up the process diagram again here.

Process Diagram


Step 5 Configure Authentication Provider

In this step, we will associate the Membership Provider with the Web application that we want to enable with Form Based Authentication.

  • Go to Central Administration.
  • Click on "Manage Web Application".


  • Select the Web application.
  • Click on “Authentication Providers” link in the ribbon bar.


  • Click on the Zone “Default”.


On the Authentication Provider screen,

  • Check “Enable Forms Based Authentication (FBA)”.
  • Specify the Membership Provider name “SPMembership” that we configured previously.
  • Specify the Role Manager name “SPRoles” that we configured previously.


Under “Sign In” page section, you can choose to configure a custom Sign In page if you need, or you can proceed with default Sign In page provided by SharePoint OOB.

In this case, I am going along with default Sign In page offered by SharePoint OOB.


That is it for this part of the demo.

I will see you guys in the next article covering steps 6 & 7.

Hope you find it helpful.