SharePoint 2016/2013 - How To Install SharePoint Client Components SDK

In this article, we will look for another necessary component that is required when preparing client machines for CSOM based PowerShell Development. 

Microsoft has packaged all the SharePoint client-side programming DLLs using the “SharePoint <Version> (2013/2016) Client Components” package which is required to start with CSOM based PowerShell development.

In order to get the client component for SharePoint, search “SharePoint <Version> (2013/2016) Client Components SDK”, and sure enough you will get the related links.


Follow the link to the Downloads Page.

Click on the Download button.2
Choose the version of the MSI file depending on the type of Operating System you are using. In my case, I am using 64-bit OS so I am downloading the 64-bit version of the MSI file.3

Once the MSI file has been downloaded, we can start the installation by right clicking and then selecting the "Install" option from the menu.


Select "Next" on the next step of the installation wizard.


Then, click "Install".


Wait till the installer is completed.


Once the installation has been completed, there will be new folder structure created just like in SharePoint Server.

You will find all the SharePoint Client Side DLLs in the ISAPI folder on your machine as shown below:


You can refer to these files in your PowerShell Scripts that are based on CSOM.

Hope you find it helpful.

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