SMS Service Using Azure


We all know that cloud computing has unlimited possibilities, and with that, we can demand any type of service. In this article, I will explain about sending a short message service (SMS) using Virtual Machine with the help of Ozeking SMS Gateway.
First, let’s take a look on Ozeking SMS system. It is an SMS gateway application with which we can send/receive N number of SMS by connecting to GSM network through internet attached to PC. And for this SMS process, I have selected Windows 2012 Server OS. But, you can select Windows 2016 Server also.


  • An active Azure subscription

Steps for sending SMS using Azure.

Before using the Ozeking Sms gateway, we need to create a virtual machine and with the help of VM, we are going to send an SMS to another person from VM.

Step 1

Log into your Azure portal.

Step 2

Click New -> Compute -> Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter.

Step 3

From the Windows Server deployment model page, click Create.

Step 4

Now, we need to configure the basic section needs.

  • Provide a unique name for the VM
  • Provide a username and password for the VM for logging into the VM.
  • You can select a new resource group or select an existing group. If you have selected a new resource group, provide a new name to it.
  • Select the location of the Datacenter.
  • Now, we need to choose a disk size for the VM.
  • Click OK in settings and click OK in summary for the validation pass message.

Step 5

The deployment process will take place now. After the successful deployment of VM, we can run it in dashboard.

Step 6

Click Connect button. A remote desktop protocol file with the VM name will be downloaded (.rdp).