Splunk Enterprise: The Platform for Operational Intelligence

Nowadays there is a business need to make systems smarter and it’s always great if you can get runtime details without fuss. Splunk provides real-time operational intelligence. I started working on splunk because I had to integrate Splunk to read log files so that we can keep an eye on business execution and few notifications as well as alerts. Notification can be like some business interruption, error emails and some blooper or some wrongdoing within a system happened and the system stopped execution. Splunk helps users so that if something wrong happens tean end user can take adequate action to resolve issue or acknowledge it to the team or respective client or whatever best fits. We can also manage a dashboard to make it easier for a user who is handling splunk interface.

Splunk helps to collect and index data, and does indexing of data regardless of format or location, like logs, clickstreams, web servers; stream network traffic, custom application, social media and cloud services. Splunk helps you to gain valuable operational intelligence from machine generated data and with a complete range of search with visualization. Some key features are shown below.

Few points from here,

  • Collects and indexes log and machine data from any source
  • Powerful search, analysis and visualization capabilities empower users of all types
  • Apps provide solutions for security, IT ops, business analysis and more
  • Enables visibility across on premise, cloud and hybrid environments
  • Delivers the scale, security and availability to suit any organization
  • Available as a software or SaaS solution

This is one of the typical pictorial representations which I found form splunk as shown below: Though this image is self-explanatory still it brings information of various sources and shows you a uniform interface.

There is a screen shot depicted below which also states a lot about Splunk installation and its default features. The best thing about Splunk is it works with various operating systems like Windows, Solaris, Linux and Mac OS.

 operating systems

It will ask you to fill the required details and create an account to download this. Kindly find a screen shot given below:


After registering user kindly click on the link shown below splunk-6.4.1-debde650d26e-x64-release.msi. It will download the package and install that.

I’ve chosen Windows because I have windows7 installed on my workstation,


Installation Steps: Click on download package it will open installer wizard as shown below and click on run.


Click on next and proceed further. Kindly follow the below screen shots.




After installing and successful completion kindly go to the start -> run and type splunk .it will show you the following screen click on this.

As soon as you click on this it will open splunk in browser as depicted below in screen shot.



Monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions, and stream network traffic to security events and network activity.