Create A New Azure SQL Server-Level Firewall - Part Three


  • Azure account.

Now, let's get started with the steps, given below-

Create a new Azure SQL Server-level Firewall.

Step 1- Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure Portal.

Sign in

Step 2- In the dashboard, click SQL Servers.


Step 3- Next, on SQL Servers blade, click the Server on which Firewall rule is to be created.


Step 4- Now, click Add client IP to have Azure create a rule for your client IP address.

Add client IP

Step 5- Finally, click Save to create the Server-level Firewall rule.


Optionally, to allow access to a range of IP addresses, click the IP address, which was added to edit Firewall address.


In this article, we discussed, how to create new Azure SQL Server-level Firewall, using Azure Portal.

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