Starting With Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365. It enables the users to have the contents of all Office 365 applications in a single place and even it allows us to connect with third-party applications through Connectors.

Microsoft Teams can be accessed on all platforms - Web, Desktop, and Mobile.

Team - A single place is allowed to chat with a certain group of people, share & collaborate the contents within them.

Ensure the below access rights are configured in Office 365 admin center,

  • Microsoft Teams should be enabled for Organization.
  • Microsoft Teams license is activated for the user.

Who can create a Team? - Team Owner

Open the Microsoft Teams as a desktop app or from the web. To open the Microsoft Teams from the web, connect to the Teams site -

Microsoft Teams

To View list of Teams & Channels

Click Teams button from the sidebar to see the list of teams available in Microsoft Teams.

Clicking on a team name opens the Team with the default channel in the Main View.

To Add New Team

  1. Click "Add Team" from the bottom left, next to the Sidebar. The main view shows the suggested teams with a "Create a Team" tile.

    Microsoft Teams

  2. From the Main View, click "Create a team".

    Microsoft Teams

  3. From the opened dialog box, I have entered -

    Title as Writers Team,

    Description as Members can share and collaborate their ideas with this new platform.

    Choose Privacy as Public or Private based on your team requirement.

    • Privacy team – Members are added by the Team Owners
    • Public Team – Any member in the organization can join the team by without getting any approval

    I have selected Public team – Anyone in your organization can join

  1. Then, click "Next" button which creates the team.

    Microsoft Teams

    After the team creation, a dialog shows another form to add members. We can skip the form or add members from the Office 365 groups.

    Note: Per account, we can have up to 250 teams.

    Microsoft Teams

  1. I have selected Test User 1 from the options and then, clicked "Add" button to add the user as a member by default.

    Microsoft Teams

    We can also update the added user as the Owner by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the member.

    Note: A team can contain 999 members

    Microsoft Teams
  1. Click "Close" button to add the user as a member in the newly created Writers Team with default General.

    Microsoft Teams

    After the creation of the team, the Microsoft Teams also enables the below items in Office 365.

    • A new modern Team site collection with the same name as the team name, i.e., “Writers Team”.
    • The general folder will be created in Shared Documents library in the “Writers Team” site.
    • A new Office 365 group will be created.


So far, we have learned what is Microsoft Teams and how to add a new team to the Microsoft Teams. Stay tuned for a lot more Teams articles.

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