Steps To Create Custom Master Page In SharePoint 2013 Using SharePoint Designer


SharePoint master pages gives the common page layout and interface for SharePoint pages. Master pages provides the same look and feel for all the pages in our site. It lets you create and update header, navigation links, Site Actions menu elements in one place, rather than changing them on each Web page. In this article, I will explain, how to create a custom master page in SharePoint 2013, using SharePoint Designer.

Create Master Page

  1. Open SharePoint Designer.
  2. Open newly created SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer.

  3. Create a new master page by clicking on “Master Page” from left navigation.

  4. List of default master pages will appear.

  1. To create a blank master page from scratch, click on “Blank Master Page”. It will create an empty master page.

  1. To create new master page from already existing master page, copy v4.master file and paste it. It will create v4_copy(1).master.

  2. Rename the file as MyCustom.master.

  3. Right click on MyCustom.master -> Edit File in advanced mode.

  4. MyCustom.master file opens in edit mode. Modify what we want to appear in the custom master page.

  5. To modify the style of the master page, click Style -> Manage Styles.

  6. Manage Styles box appears in right side.

  7. To modify the body style, right click on body -> Modify Style.

  8. Modified Style box appears.

  9. From the Category menu, we can change the appearance of the body like font, background, border, layouts etc. After completing the style changes, click OK to apply the changes.

  10. To insert a new layer in the master page, go to Layout tab -> Insert Layer.

  11. To manage all the existing layers, go to Layout tab -> Manage Layers.

  12. After completing all your changes, save the master page.

  13. Check in and publish the master page as a major version.

  14. Right click on the master page and set it as a default master page.

  15. Go the SharePoint site in the Browser. We applied our custom master page. Site pages will appear with our custom master page changes.


Thus, you have learned how to create a custom master page in SharePoint 2013, using SharePoint Designer.

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