The 3 Cs To Success For Mobile Apps

‘Ideas’ have the power to change this world and make our future exciting and fresh. Every new invention and every new product germinates from ideas. While technology has been at the core of giving shape to our imagination, it does take creativity and experience to become a leader. Consequently, businesses that have been following the ‘path to success’ already taken by market leaders, are as good as inconsequential. This is especially applicable to any industry, business, or brand that relies on mobile apps. The competition is huge and if a business isn’t offering something new or exclusive, there is little chance for it to make a mark in the market. For example, there will always be alternatives to ‘YouTube’ but they are never the first preference.

For businesses trying to get into the market and give tough competition, it is required that they have this gap filled. The "3C Theory of Marketing" is the base to start off with. So what is it about?

Classics over trends

If you have been in the market and following it for some time now, you will have already noticed how some things never fade away. Let’s pick games here. People still play Tetris and Candy Crush, still when it has been a long time since they have been in the market. Talk of anything in strategy and car racing, you will see almost the same plots and themes covering all the generations for years. Take Assassin’s Creed and NFS for example. And, you don’t need to double-check how popular they still are. Similarly, arcade games are one of those genres that will never go un-played. For someone trying to make a mark in the Play Store with a game app, these all would be safe categories to start with.

Further, choosing classics over trends will also help you understand the market better and once you get known, it will be easier to push another app, perhaps in a different category.

Catalyze change

One thing that the current millennia are thirsty for is making change happen. And to that effect, from introducing effectual transformation in politics, ecology, economy and style, change has been happening constantly. Technology, again, has been a powerful propagator of this change and helped several businesses to bring something different to the mass. For someone new in the mobile app business who seeks to become a harbinger of change for mutual profits, attaching ideas that can transform life would be a great move. Your product could be attached to a social cause or something that quenches the craving desire of the world to have positive changes. If you are working on an app, it would help if a percentage of the proceeds go to some kind of charity. Maybe for the betterment of refugees or promising to plant a tree for every purchase, you have a lot of opportunities to do something new and positive with your app.

Crack real problems

While there are millions of apps across the iOS and Android stores, only a few hundred are popularly downloaded and used. The success mantra of these apps lies in trying to solve real problems. They should not be mere copies and alternatives to something that already exists but should propose something additional towards its way to make life ever easier. However, with so many products, developers, and manufactures, it’s not easy to find a problem, lest resolve it with an app. Well, it certainly would take some research and understanding of the market to find out the issues that have still been unresolved or partially resolved. For example, pCloud came when Dropbox and Google Drive were already offering cloud storage. However, they were missing out on the much-needed encryption. pCloud was able to address this problem and became a real solution.

The mobile app market today is already cluttered. Currently, there are already 67,550 unique app developers in the Play Store and 186,492 in the iTunes store and each developer has several apps to his/her name. However, an average user will use only about 35 apps frequently. This shows the sheer numbers of apps that don’t get any attention and are as good as non-existent. Well, the 3Cs above are meant to give you a start and help you attain initial attention. The success, however, does largely depend on the functionality of your app and how different it turns out to be for your audiences.

Be it a new fitness utility or a food ordering app, there should be something unique to it. Even if you haven’t found a problem yet to be resolved, some experts would suggest that you should create one planning an out-of-the-box user situation promising a solution to it! This would rather be the most inventive and exclusive thing you can do to your app – allowing it a great chance to create its own market potential through an originally conceived and perceptively reached user base.

Going with these 3 Cs you will be able to reach a better mark of possibilities and claim more in terms of your presence both in terms of value and validness. Collaborating these ideas wisely with the choice of app solution you have in mind, can lead your way to great penetration and gripping success with your piece of mobile app endeavor. All you need to do is try to relate and sync your core thoughts and dispositions with these success theories and create and excavate some prominent value out of it, that has something of real worth for your user.

Concluding again

  • Never settle for fads and classics have way more potential than trends
  • Be the catalyst of change. Try to form a movement for a cause worthy of the attention of your audiences.
  • Crack real problems for fool-proof success!

Well, that’s pretty much how you would reach the recognition you are aiming for in this ever-competitive mobile apps market. And that should really help you in coming up with something different and approving with your mobile app endeavor.