To Register And Debug The Custom Plugin In Dynamics 365 Online

Registering a Plugin

First step is to sign in to Plugin Registration Tool with your Dynamics 365 account (tool available in the CRM SDK, which you can download from the Microsoft Website).


Next thing is to register the assembly (.DLL) as a plugin in Dynamics 365, as shown below.

Load the assembly (.DLL) file, which we have created, using Visual Studio. Complete all 5 steps by selecting the 2highlighted options.

Now, you can create the step, as shown below.

After registering the custom plugin, you should mention when it must be triggered. This can be done by creating a new step, as shown below. The message given below in the example says the plugin will be triggered during the create record (Message: Create). Similarly, you can create one for updating and deleting also.

Another important thing is Event pipeline stage of Execution. This says about when exactly the plugin should trigger. Before Validation (Pre-Validation)/ Saving (Pre-Operation)/ After Saving (Post-Operation).

Debugging a custom plugin in Dynamics 365

To debug a custom plugin in Dynamics 365, you need to follow a few steps, which are listed below.

Click Install profiler from the top.

Now, enable the profiling for the steps.

To set the values in Profiler Settings, proceed, as shown below.

Once you have created the profiler, you can see the PluginProfiler in all the solutions.

Now, you are ready to debug the plugin.

Go to Visual Studio and attach the process “PluginRegistration.exe”.

Go to Plugin Registration Tool, click Debug icon, as shown below

Select Profile, Assembly location and plugin from the dropdown.

Select the assembly (.DLL) from the path, where Visual Studio has created the .DLL file.

After selecting the assembly, you should select the plugin from the dropdown and click Start Execution. You will find the cursor in the break point in Visual Studio.


I hope this will be helpful for you to debug the custom plugin for Dynamics 365. In my next article, I will come up with a scenario for using custom plugin.

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