Understand Service Scheduler In Azure


This article will cover the following.

  • Brief concepts and prerequisites
  • Implementation – Create a Scheduler Service and Jobs
  • Implementation – Execute the Scheduler Service Job

Brief Concepts

What is Windows Azure Service Scheduler?

  • It is a task scheduling service provided by Microsoft Azure.
  • It can perform many actions regarding the job details in the Scheduler and can also check the Scheduler’s monitoring and management capabilities.
  • It can maintain multiple job collections.


Read the following article to create an Azure account and to get some basic information about Azure to get started.

Implementation – Create a Scheduler Service and jobs

Steps to be followed.

  • Open Azure portal and click on the "Add" button. Choose Scheduler under "Enterprise Integration" category and then, click on "Create".
  • Fill in the details with the name and the creation of the new job, giving a totally new name to the job i.e. scheduler-job-13-08-17 here.
  • Then, click on the Action Settings and configure it. There, mention the URL which will be used for GET request.
  • Then, click on the Schedule and configure it by choosing ‘once’ or ‘recurring’.
  • Once it is created, you can go there and see the stats shown there, as shown below.
Implementation – Execute the scheduler-service job

Steps to be followed.

  • Go to the scheduler-service and click “Run now”.
  • Then, we will hit the URL which we mentioned in the Action Settings, i.e., http://get-customers.azurewebsites.com/
  • Then, I can see the count has increased to one each time I hit the browser with the URL, i.e., the number of times scheduler job has been executed.

Happy Learning!

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