Understanding Azure Data Lake Analytics


This article will cover the following things,
  • Brief concepts and Pre-requisites
  • Implementation – Create a Data Lake Analytics account
  • Implementation – Create a U-SQL job and executing that job on the Data Lake account

Brief concepts and prerequisites

What is Azure Data Lake?

  • It is highly scalable data storage and analytics service.
  • It is hosted in Azure, Microsoft's public cloud, and is largely intended for Big Data storage and analysis.
  • Data Lake is a cloud computing service and gives customers a faster and more efficient alternative to deploying and managing Big Data infrastructure within their own data centers.


Read the following article to create Azure account and for some basic information about Azure to get started.

Implementation – Create a Data Lake Analytics account

Steps to be followed

  • Open the Azure portal and click on Add >> “Data + Analytics”.

  • Click on the Data Lake Analytics and then give the account name, Use the existing resource group and then "Create".

  • Also, before that, we need to create “Data Lake Store” and click on the "OK" button.

  • See the Data Lake Analytics section for the newly created “data-lake060817”.

Implementation – Create a U-SQL job and executing U-SQL query on the Data Lake account.

Steps to be followed
  • From the Data Lake Analytics account, click "New Job".

  • Write a simple query of storing the customer and its amount using this job and put into the .csv file, followed by a click on “Submit Job”.

  • See the job details with the graph after that.

  • Click on the Output tab and click “customer-amount.csv” to see the file.

Happy learning!

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