Using Advanced Features Of Action Binding In Microsoft Cognitive Services

Introduction - This article will help you to understand the advanced features of action binding in Microsoft Cognitive Services and work on it.

Pre - requisites

  1. An updated Google Chrome or Internet Explorer Web Browser.
  2. Microsoft Account (Outlook/Hotmail).

Note - Go through the below link to get some knowledge about Microsoft Bot Framework,

Follow the below steps now,

Step 1 - Log into LUIS API web page from your web browser – and click on Edit for the Application that we have developed already.

You will be getting the below screen now.

Step 2 - Let's work with Action Binding, this is an important feature of LUIS. LUIS supports only one action per intent and this action can include a group of parameters derived from entities.

Defining an action - Click on “BookFlight” intent at the left pane under Intents.

Select “+Add Action”

Click on “Add Parameter”

Now, fill the below details for the parameter. You should add three parameters here as “FromLocation”, “ToLocation” and “Date”.

Check in the Required button – Name as FromLocation – Type as Location::FromLocation and click on Save.

Repeat the same for other two parameters of ToLocation and Date followed by a click on Save button. You can use the trash button to delete a parameter.

Now, at the previous screen, you can find multiple action parameters have been added for the intent named “BookFlight”.

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