Working With Cordova App Using Azure Mobile Services


  • Cordova CLI or Visual Studio for Apache Cordova
  • Azure account

Now let's get started with the following steps:

Create a new Azure mobile app backend

Step 1: Sign in to the online Microsoft Azure Portal.

Step 2: In the Jumpbar, click New, then click Web + Mobile, and then Mobile App.

Step 3:

In the Mobile App account blade, specify the desired configuration for the Mobile App account (Name, & Resource Group). Click Create button at the bottom of the screen to create the Mobile App.
Step 4: In the Settings blade for the new Mobile App backend, click Quick start > your client app platform (Cordova), then Connect a database,

Step 5:

In the "Add data connection" blade, click SQL Database, then Create a new database, type the database name, choose a pricing tier and then click Server and New server blade, type a unique server name in the Server name field, provide a secure server admin login and password.


Configure the server project

Step 1: Back in the Mobile App backend settings, click Quick start > your client platform (Cordova).

Step 2: Under Create a table API, select your Backend language, either C# or Node.js:

Download and run the Cordova app

Click Browse All, Mobile Apps > the backend that you just created. In the mobile app settings, click Quick start, then Cordova. Under Configure your client application, click Download. This downloads a complete Windows project for an app pre-configured to connect to your backend and open the project using Cordova CLI or Visual Studio for Apache Cordova and ‘Run App' button to build the project and start the app in the emulator.

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