Working with Windows Forms Controls


This program shows you how to use various Windows Forms controls such as Text Box, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, and Combo Box.


You must have .NET SDK Beta 2 to compile this program.

Step 1:

  1. For WINNT it will setup class path automatically
    If path is not set automatically then type following command in the autoexec.bat

    Path= % path %; c:\WinNT\Microsoft.Net/Framework\v1.0.2914\;

  2. For win 98, you have to set path manually as follows

    Path= % path %; c:\Windows\Microsoft.Net/Framework\v1.0.2914\;

Step 2:

  1. Make folder Gui in the C drive.
  2. Unzip source file in the folder Gui.
  3. Then go to DOS prompt and go to corresponding folder
  4. C:\>cd Gui.
  5. C:\gui> csc gui (source file name). cs
    This will compile your program.
  6. To run this program
    Type gui (source file name) on the dos prompt.

    This will take some time and display o/p shown in the screen shot below.

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