Adding a Page Load event in XAML ( Window Store Apps )

We've worked a lot on windows forms applications in C#.NET.

Page load event automatically added into the form.cs file when you double click anywhere on your form in windows form application. But this is not the case in UWP Applications. UWP stands for Universal Windows platform. XAML apps does't provide you the event handler for the page when you double clicks anywhere on your page in XAML apps.

So in order to add a page load event in XAML Apps. Make a UWP Project from Visual Studio. To make a project , open visual studio and select new project as given below,

  • Select "Universal" from left side.

  • Choose "Blank App ( Universal Windows )". and press enter.

Open MainPage.xaml from Solution explorer. Main page with visual design will be displayed.

type an event in opening tag of "Page" named " Loaded " just like below screenshot. An event handler for the page loading will be added to .cs file behind the UI page.

Take your cursor on the name of event which is "Page_Loaded" here and press F12 , you'll be redirected to the event handler in code page.

See the screen shot of event below.

This is page load event. Do whatever you want. Have fun in comments if your got some query.

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