Advantage of ASP.NET 3.5 and Server Side programming


ASP.NET 3.5 has ASP.NET 2.0 as its base along with following new features:

  1. Integrated ASP.NET Ajax toolkit, which provide developers with much better tools for creating highly responsive web pages, along with impressive effects like we see in our desktop applications. For example drag drop and auto-complete   features.
  2. .NET much awaited feature is support for LINQ (Language integrated Query) ,it is a set of language which allows us to search in memory data in the same way like we query a database.
  3. It do include new classes in the base class library, along with new web protocols for building several new ws-standards,also new workflow enabled service technology.

Benefits of server-side programming(SSP) over client-side programming(CSP).

SSP executes on server itself & the user receives an ordinary HTML, which can be viewd on any browser,thus it has facilitie like:

  1. Isolation: As client side application are isolated from the server as they cannot even read a file or interact with the database on server.
  2. Security: As clients are not able to access anything directly so there are less chances that they can temperwith it.
  3. Small Clients: This includes people using mobile phones, palmtop computers, PDA as these devices are limited for communicating with server & their browser, they tremenously depends on the server based web applications.
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