After 3rd C# Corner ISTANBUL Chapter Seminar

As you all know we've met on 12th of May 2013 for our first seminar in Istanbul. The speakers of the event were all from the same company I work for so it wasn't hard for us to cooperate for the event.

I enjoyed every moment of it. Met with awesome people. We opened registration using EventBrite, the free tickets there sold in 4 days but people kept calling me and sending pms to ask if there are any seats available. And I told them to come and join us.

In the morning; Emre MENTES our team leader from BilgeAdam talked about "Solid Principles and Design Patterns in C#". He talked for 2 hours which was no problem for him because of his trainer background as a MCT.



Later that session, CANSU ALBAYRAK joined us with her "Mobile Design" Session. She gave us good insight about the tips and tricks of Mobile Application and Mobile WebSite Design.


Later I joined Cansu with my Windows Phone 8 Development Session.



After my session ended,Sercan GOKMEN joined us with his session about HTML5 Development in Windows Phone 8. He talked about many nice features and frameworks in his session.




The event was a success with 90 registered attendees. We gave lots of prizes; Books,T-Shirts and MindCracker wristbands.

We'll also give them Windows 8 Pro licences and ebooks from Safari Books Online.

After the event was successful and attendees wanted us to do more event, we immediately planned for our future events.

This event was all about Microsoft products such as Windows Phone,C# and so on...

We named June as the 'Android Month' so June event will be all about Android Development.

We also created our Facebook page for our Chapter:

We're planning to make a second event in May 2013 for Windows Phone,Windows Store & ASP.NET MVC event :)
I'm trying to get the conference hall for our event in 25th of May 2013.

Let me share some more photos about the event:






Let me plan our next event(25th of May)

See you.

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