Are XNA games running under Silverlight host?

I've found it last year before going to army service but wanted to show you,absolutely! Im not so sure about it  but i think XNA Applications running on Emulator are being hosted inside another Silverlight Application.Because of Emulator simulates the real device its quite strong possible that the XNA apps written for Windows Phone 7 being simulated inside a Silverlight Canvas.

How did i come to this conclusion?

I've tried to get to know what Current Application inside Emulator does and found out that its the application object running at that time.But its specific to WPF/Silverlight so a little bit cheating on it doesnt hurt and i did as it is.

I've written these codes to get the Current Object running xna game is being displayed and where its hosted:




So after running this,i got what i wanted and somethings are now clear on my mind.


So after saw this output,the first thing came to my mind was the GPU Support for Silverlight.So the reason adding GPU Ability to Silverlight was to run XNA inside Silverlight Host or something else?

Hmm.i'd better keep drag more! Wink 

I'll let you know about the events. 

Update: Ok guys my suspicions were right.XNA apps on WP7 runs inside a Silverlight Host.

I asked it on Twitter


But i dont know why? Only Guys-From-Microsoft can answer that :)

Maybe its for using Lauchers,Choosers in short terms for using all the task system inside xna? Just theory.

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