Barriers To Public Cloud Platforms

In this blog, I will talk about Barriers to the adoption of public cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud platform. It means it is a technology that has computing resources available in data centers around the world, which are accessible over the Internet.

Interestingly, the very first question which everyone has in their mind (which they say is related to Security) – Can a public Cloud Platform keep my data and applications safe? What about Security?


The answer to this question, which I generally give whenever asked, that it’s not about Security. It is all about Trust because let’s say if we are running our own data center, then we are responsible for every network and infrastructure related settings, and that everything is safe. But if we are hosting our application in public cloud platforms, it will be their responsibility to take care of all such things.

So, start trusting the Public Cloud Provider, like Microsoft. Start trying small things and later on the trust can be built. People always say that they will not put their critical data in a public cloud, but at the same time, the same people share those critical documents on Dropbox or Google Drive.

The other question which I want to address here is – Will public cloud datacenters be up when they are needed? This question is related to Availability


I will say we should not compare the cloud platforms' uptime, which means how perfect they are. In fact, we should compare their uptime with our own datacenters, because they will be at least as good as our own promises with financial penalties. If there are failures, there are financial penalties. There are SLAs too.



In this blog, I talked about couple of barriers which I generally come across related to Microsoft Azure or any public cloud platform. 

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