Change Console Color Of Command Prompt In Windows

I’m sharing a small tip for those who don’t know about this, That is how you can change the color of console screen from black to other colors without using any command and code. It is very easy to change the console color by using the mouse.

Follow these steps.

  1. Press windows key and type cmd. Command Prompt will appear. Just click on Command Prompt to open it.


  2. Command will be opened. Right click anywhere on the title bar of command prompt.


  3. After clicking the option “Defaults” a small window will be appeared as shown below. There are four tabs in this small window,

    a. Options
    b. Fonts
    c. Layout
    d. Colors

    By choosing colors you may change the background and foreground color of console screen.


  4. When you go to the Font tab , you can change the font of console text including font size and family, etc.

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