Changing Master Page in all SharePoint Subsites 2013

Let's say you are running a SharePoint web site with a lot number for sub sites. Assume that you have been given a task of changing the Master Page to all sub sites associated to the SharePoint Site. How will you achieve it? This kind of scenario pops up especially if you are using different Master Pages in different environments.

In this blog, I'm detailing about the steps to carry out to change the Master Page in a single run. The ChageSiteMasterPage.aspx comes for our rescue.


  1. Navigate to Change Site MasterPage and change the master page. (Make sure that you have required permission to access the Page ChangeSiteMasterPage).

  2. In case you haven't activated 'SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure', you receive an error message.

  3. To activate 'SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure' feature, follow steps given below:

    • Navigate to 'Site Settings' of site collection.

    • Click 'Site Collection Features' (in the section 'Site Collection Administration').

    • Activate the 'SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure' feature.

Happy SharePointing :-)

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