Clearing History Items from the Environment using C#

In this blog we are going to clear the history items from the path.

Path of History:


Clearing History:


        /// <summary>

        /// Clears all the histories in the specific path.

        /// </summary>

        public void ClearHistory()


            //Gets the Special Folder

            Environment.SpecialFolder specialFolder = Environment.SpecialFolder.History;


            //Gets the path of the special folder.

            string path = Environment.GetFolderPath(specialFolder);


            //Delete all the files from the histories.

            DeleteAllFiles(new DirectoryInfo(path));


            //Path of History cache

            Response.Write("<b>" + "HistoryPath" + " :</b> " + path + "<br/>");



Deleting History:

//Delete all the files from the path.

        void DeleteAllFiles(DirectoryInfo diPath)


            //Gets the files from the specific directory

            foreach (FileInfo fiCurrFile in diPath.GetFiles())





            //Getting Sub directories

            foreach (DirectoryInfo diSubFolder in diPath.GetDirectories())


                DeleteAllFiles(diSubFolder); // Call recursively for all subfolders




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