Coffee with Founder of C# Corner

Coffee with founder of C# Corner

Are you the one on the next seat?

Dear Members,

Are you from NCR and want to hang out with founder of C# Corner? Here is an opportunity for you!

C# Corner founder Mahesh Chand is traveling to India in the last week of June and some of the active users of our site would get a chance to meet him. During meeting you can learn from his experiences, entrepreneurial skills, get suggestions on accelerating your career, counseling on H1 Visa, mentoring on startups etc. He is in India for a week and we are planning to invite some of our most active users to our Noida office to have words with him over coffee.
By doing following activities, you may get an invite for Coffee with founder of C# Corner
  1. Tweet with hashtag #CSharpCorner or #CSharpCornerFounder in period of 5th June to 21st June
  2. Maximum sharing on FaceBook tagging @CSharpCorner period of 5th June to 21st June
  3. Maximum tweet mention to @CSharpCorner
  4. Maximum RT to @CSharpCorner Tweets
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