Customizing the Look and Feel of Visual Studio Editor using Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme Editor

Hi Friends,

In Today's discussion, we will see how to customize the look and feel of your visual studio editor for good readability and visual experience. First you need to install Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme Editor from Tools --> Extension and Updates.

As you can see, below in the screen shot, i have already installed the same.


Once, the same get installed, it will ask you to restart Visual Studio. After restarting, it will provide you following options as shown below in the screen shot.


As you can see that, currently my theme is set to Solarized Dark. You can change theme from here as well. Or you can go to Tools-->Options as shown below in the screen shot and set from there.

12th 13th

This way you can give a change to your Visual Studio Look and Feel.Thanks for joining me :)

Rahul Sahay
Happy Coding

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