Design Simple Logo with help of Expression Design


In this article you will learn how to Design Simple College Logo Using Line, Text and Ellipse with help of Expression Design.

Step 1

Open Expression Design and click on Text Tool.


Step 2

Type "HT", and click on Selection Tool. Select to all Text and set up Text by dragging to mouse.

step 2.jpg

Step 3

Select to Ellipse Tool and Draw Ellipse on Artboard by dragging to mouse And click on Selection Tool set up Ellipse. Select Ellipse and Press Ctrl+C and paste same Width Ellipse and set Position using Selection Tool.

666.jpg Clipboard5.jpg

Step 4

Go to Layers Panel and Text Layer drag to upper .

step 4.jpg

Step 5

Click Text Tool and Type hindustan college and click Selection Tool set up the Position.

step 5.jpg

Step 6

Select to All Artboard using Selection Tool and choose the color And Go to Properties and click on Gradient Color.


Step 7

Click on Radial Gradient and choose the color .


Step 8

Click on Stroke and Select Bitmap Airbrush 2 and set the Color Design.


After that logo is ready.

step 8.jpg999.jpg

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