Difference Between Entity Framework and LINQ To SQL

Entity Framework

  • Entity Framework used various Database(such as oracle,db2,sql server, mysql etc).
  • Entity Framework generate .edmx extension file.
  • It is support complex type.
  • Relationship tables/view one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many.
  • Three Difference way to using data Query.
  1. Entity SQL
  2. ObjectContext
  3. DbContext
  •  Entity Framework provide loosely coupled approach.

Linq To SQL

  • Linq To SQL Used only one Sql Server Database.
  • It is generate .dbml extension file.
  • It is not support complex type.
  • Relationship Tables/view one-to-one.
  • It is use data query DataContext
  • It is provide tightly coupled approach.
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