Entity Framework 6.1.0 RTM Released


Microsoft revealed the latest version of the Entity Framework. Now the Entity Framework 6.1.0 RTM version is available.

Various new features have been introduced in this release. Let's take a look at some of them:

Tooling Association

Now you can create the Entity Framework Data Model persistently. Now you can also create the model with the support of the Code First Model. Take a look at the following screenshot:

Entity Data Model Wizard

Index Attribute

This attribute allows indexes to be specified by placing it on a property in the code first model.

Public Mapping API

With this feature, we can now have the ability to access the info of the properties. We can know how properties are mapped to the columns and tables in the database.

Performance Improvements

There are various areas which have been improved such as the reduced database operations during the initialization, optimization for the null equality comparison in LINQ, new support for the .ToString and enum in LINQ.

Getting Started

You can simply open the Package Manager Console and write the following command to install it:

Install-Package Entity Framework

Package Configuration File


So far, this blog describes that the latest RTM version of Entity Framework: EF 6.1.0 released. Thanks for reading.

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