Export-Import SharePoint Designer Workflow

If the workflows are not getting attached to a specific list or library while developing SharePoint 2010 workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013, or if you wish to export and import Designer Workflow from one site to another site in a site collection, then follow the below steps:

Workflow (WF) Export and Import process 

Export Process

Step 1

Export the source Workflow which you want to attach on another Site’s List.

Step 2 

Rename the downloaded file and append it with .zip extension.

Step 3

Open the Zip folder and delete “Workflow.xoml.wfconfig.xml”.

Step 4

Rename the file again. Remove “.zip”.

Import Process

Step 1

Import the Source Workflow from the destination site.

Step 2

Specify the List/library name.

Step 3

Save (do not publish at this step).

Step 4

Update the approver list; i.e., update the objects in your workflow which you want in your new workflow.

Step 5

Save and Publish.

Step 6

At this stage, the workflow has no Task and History list associated with it.

Step 7

Close the Designer because task/history list association and start option are disabled.

Step 8

Open designer once again. Now, you can see that these options are visible.

Step 9

Configure Workflow Settings and Save, then Publish.

NOTE - Microsoft Visio installation is not required for this export-import process.